Just a few days left…..

….of the Summer Sale!

This years’ Summer Sale ends on August 31. This means that there still is time to buy some new, unique Big Band charts at a larger discount than usual, due to the all-wrecking Corona pandemy. 30% off on all compositions, and 25% off on all arrangements.

Also: Check out the promotional charts available for free downloading in the section “Charts for free”, to get a taste of what my writing is like.

I really hope the pandemy will subside, and that orchestral activities can go back to something like normal.

I wish all you visiting here to stay safe!

The promises of July

July is a wonderful summer month – if you’re on the part of the planet that has summer in July, of course. To me, July brings a sense of maturity, hope and an interesting intermission between the everydays of the rest of the year; I get the feeling that July is the time to plan ahead, lay out ideas and to form wishes. Maybe all this is because July is a month for vacationing and relaxation, so that ideas and plans can be pondered and matured in calm and peace. Anyway: I firmly believe that activity must be paired with rest to be fruitful and useful; especially in the long run.

Right now, the Corona virus pandemy is putting a stop on much planning, many ideas and a lot of activity, and I hope that it will wane and vanish soon without many more having to suffer and die.

The summer sale is, with or without planning, under way. Take the opportunity to buy superbly sounding and excitingly playing Big Band charts at a discount. This year the abatement is larger than usual; 30% on all compositions, and 25% on all arrangements.

I wish all of you visiting here, a healthy and prosperous summer. Stay safe everybody!

These long summer nights

Late June, early July, is in Sweden the time of long, bright nights where it feels like sunset is never happening. It’s the time of vacationing; to rest, recover and to just be lazy. I love this time of the year.

After a really tough spring for everybody and with the Corona pandemy far from over, I hope these long, romantic nights of June and July can bring rest, respite and recuperation for us all. I, on my behalf, plan on being at my summer house for as many weeks as possible, to get away from the city’s noise and bustle.

The summer sale is fully under way. Take the opportunity to buy unique and stimulating big band charts at a discount to reinvigorate your band’s repertoire for when it’s possible to have rehearsals again. The reduction this year is more than usual because of the special circumstances, and the sale prices are now 25% off on all arrangements, and 30% off on all compositions.

I wish all you visiting here a great Summer!

Summer Sale is coming up

As usual, there will be a Summer Sale. Because the circumstances are so special this year, I have decided to increase the discount. The new sale prices are 30% off on all compositions, and 25% off on all arrangements.

The sale is, as usual, between June 1:st and August 31:st. It can be good to look forward to playing some new and unique charts with your band, once the restrictions finally are over.

Stay safe everybody! I wish all you visiting here to stay healthy, and to have a really nice summer.

New arrangement in the shop

Finally, the “Charts for free” section is complete with the fourth and last chart; an arrangement of A-C Jobim’s well known bossa “Wave”. Now all four categories of the shop are represented by one free chart each.

Welcome to check this new chart out. It has not been band tested and proof-read yet, since – as everybody knows by now – all rehearsals are cancelled due to infection-preventing restrictions.

I wish all of you visiting here all the best!

The Unavoidable Subject

I’d rather post a picture of a cute animal, like a leaping fox, than of a virus; a tiny piece of DNA or RNA that science dispute whether it is a life form or not. Nevertheless: Here is a stylized picture of the Corona virus that currently infects people all over the world at a stunning rate, causing a crackdown on social events and gatherings.

It’s strange to think that viruses seem to be an inevitable product of how life on earth functions, and that viruses have had a profound part in the development of life on Earth, when they also can be the worst disease-inducing menace one can imagine. Some of the worst diseases imaginable are induced by viruses – like Ebola, Marburg Disease and Rabies – while our own cells long, long ago may have assimilated some ancient viruses that made it possible for our cells in the form of Mitochondrions to produce energy for our organisms (as far as I know some say that it might have been assimilated bacteria instead, and some argue it might have been viruses).

In the end, it seems as it is viruses that have come wrong that make us humans sick; that we have accidentally come into contact with a piece of genetic material where either we, or it should not be. This is what counts now: that we all are in the right places. Whether it be in quarantine because you avoid being infected, or for the risk of infecting someone; whether you are in need of hospital care, or at a job that is vital to society or at home being sick – I hope that you all are, or soon will be, at the right place for you, where care, healing and safety is for you.

Stay safe everybody, and I wish all of you visiting here all the best in this time of world wide peril.

Leap Year

2020 is a leap year. Thus, February will have 29 days and we will have a Summer Olympics in Tokyo in July and August, unless the outbreak of Covid-19 (the Corona virus) cripples the whole event.

Having a leap year brings even more to our societies than just a sports event and one extra day: sometimes it’s superstition or social traditions regarding the extra day, and for some it brings the problem of counting their birthdays if they’re born on the 29th of February. Regardless of all this, it is fun to know that leaping seems to be a common behaviour among very many species on earth for many different reasons: Fish leap, squids leap, humans leap, as well as this pictured, beautiful fox leaping for a vole or a mouse under the snow.

I wish all you visiting here a great Leap Year, and I want to remind you that you can leap to the “Charts for free” section of this web page, to have some nice charts leaping home to you for free use. The fourth, and final, free chart – which will be an instrumental arrangement of Jobim’s “Wave” – is under way, and will be published here upon completion.

New arrangement in the shop

To be honest, I’ve never been too fond of the song “How High the Moon”. Maybe it’s because I don’t like the lyrics, the melody or the chord progression; I haven’t overly thought about it. Now, however, I have written an arrangement that will make this song both acceptable and fun for me to play, and from today it is available for downloading in the “Charts for free” section.

If I have succeeded in writing a chart that is fun for others to play remains to be seen, but I really hope that you will find it rewarding to play.

Merry Christmas

Today is Christmas, and to everyone visiting here: I wish you a Merry Christmas!

The December Sale is on throughout the 31:st. Take the opportunity to buy some new and exciting charts for the upcoming spring rehearsal period at a discount. 20% off on all compositions, and 15% off on all arrangements.

December Sale

As usual, I will have a December Sale this year too. Take the chance to buy some exciting and fresh charts at a discount, to invigorate your band’s repertoire for the spring season – or as a Christmas gift to someone who is into Big Band playing.

Between December 1st and throughout December 31st, the discount is 20% off on all compositions, and 15% off on all arrangements.

Also: Take the time to check out the “Charts for free” section, where you can download some select charts free of charge, to check out my writing and orchestration style.

To all you visiting here, I wish a very, very Happy Holidays!