New arrangement in the shop

To be honest, I’ve never been too fond of the song “How High the Moon”. Maybe it’s because I don’t like the lyrics, the melody or the chord progression; I haven’t overly thought about it. Now, however, I have written an arrangement that will make this song both acceptable and fun for me to play, and from today it is available for downloading in the “Charts for free” section.

If I have succeeded in writing a chart that is fun for others to play remains to be seen, but I really hope that you will find it rewarding to play.

Merry Christmas

Today is Christmas, and to everyone visiting here: I wish you a Merry Christmas!

The December Sale is on throughout the 31:st. Take the opportunity to buy some new and exciting charts for the upcoming spring rehearsal period at a discount. 20% off on all compositions, and 15% off on all arrangements.

December Sale

As usual, I will have a December Sale this year too. Take the chance to buy some exciting and fresh charts at a discount, to invigorate your band’s repertoire for the spring season – or as a Christmas gift to someone who is into Big Band playing.

Between December 1st and throughout December 31st, the discount is 20% off on all compositions, and 15% off on all arrangements.

Also: Take the time to check out the “Charts for free” section, where you can download some select charts free of charge, to check out my writing and orchestration style.

To all you visiting here, I wish a very, very Happy Holidays!

Summarizing 2019

Though there is still one and a half month left of 2019, I can readily summarize this year as very productive from how many new Big Band charts I’ve published here. No less than four original compositions have been published this far, of which two were specially written for the new shop category “Charts for free”, and I’m currently working on an arrangement of “How High the Moon” to be published in that same category as the free example of “Arrangements for Big Band and vocalist”. I hope to have it completed soon.

Between December 1:st and throughout December 31:st, there will be a Christmas/New Year’s Sale. If you want to buy a fresh chart for your band, or a gift for someone, at a discount, this is a great opportunity. The abatement will, as usual, be 20% off on all compositions, and 15% off on all arrangements.

New composition in the shop

From today, a new, free sample score from my pen is available in the “Charts for free” section of the shop. This time it’s a rather brief funk ballad, with lyrics – written by me – about the feeling of a great and beautiful morning; the one when you feel absolutely perfect with your life and living.

If you’re interested, you proceed as you would a regular purchase and you either download the chart immediately from checkout, or from the link that will be sent to your e-mail. (If you don’t find the mail in your inbox, check your spam filters since they often catch mail with downloadable links.)

Last month of Summer Sale

August is the month of harvest; of reaping the produce of summer’s growth from the fields, the gardens or – as in my case – my balcony pots. Aside from being pretty, as ever, my chili plants this year yielded colorful and savory results; one plant’s harvest is here ready to go into the oven for drying.

This year’s Summer Sale is continuing until August the 31st. Take the chance to harvest some new exciting, and maybe challenging, charts, to have your band’s stores filled up for the autumn and winter seasons.

To all you visiting here, I wish you a great “fin de l’été”.

(….just because it sounds classy in French…)

Check the Summer Sale

The Summer Sale is in full effect. All charts are available at reduced prices; 20% off on all compositions, and 15% off on all arrangements. If you feel you need to revitalize your band’s repertoire for the upcoming rehersal period, there are many exciting and challenging charts to choose from.

I’m still on vacation. With a cup of coffee and a piece of cake, a good book, and the complete DVD collection of the show Magnum P.I. (the Selleck version), I know I will be well rested and fit for the work season coming with the autumn.

I wish all you visiting here, a really nice and happy summer!

Summer Sale Under Way

I love growing chili peppers! The plants are often lush, with thick greenery, and the fruits are always colorful, decorative and providing tasty sensations when harvested. A well cared for chili plant is a joy both to watch and eat the results from. Obviously I have a preference for spicy food.

The Summer Sale is now, since about two weeks, under way. Take the opportunity to spice up your band’s repertoire with some savory new charts. Both sweetness and heat can be found in the web shop. 15% off on all arrangements and 20% off on all compositions.

I wish all you visiting here a really nice summer!

The annual Summer Sale

There will, as usual, be a Summer Sale this year too. Between June 1:st and August 31:st prices will be reduced with 20% on all compositions, and 15% on all arrangements.

Take the opportunity to buy some cool and challenging charts at a discount during the summer recess.

I wish all you visiting here a really nice Summer!

New category and new composition in the shop

Now there is a new category in the shop! Under the header “Charts for free” I will subsequently publish four specially written charts that will be downloadable for free use, representing the four sub categories in the shop – arrangements and vocal arrangements, compositions and vocal compositions.

First out is the instrumental composition “The Queen”. A swing jazz piece with some solo space, some ensemble passages and a catchy main theme. Check it out; it’s a quite easy piece, and it’s for free.