New gateway for payment added

I hope the midst of summer finds all you visiting my site well and relaxed from vacationing.

For those hesitant to use PayPal, I have now added Stripe to the web shop as an alternative gateway for payment. From today, it is possible to use either PayPal or Stripe to handle your payment in the Check Out page.

I wish you all a really nice and relaxing summer; on my behalf, I will spend much time with the books I have on my to-read list!

Summer Sale 2017

At last, this year’s Summer Sale is under way. The delay is due to me having much to do, and many assignments coinciding. To compensate for this I have extended the sale dates until September 10. Take your chance to buy some unique charts at a discount, to warm your instruments when the days get shorter again and the leaves yellow.

The discount is 20% off on all compositions, and 15% off on all arrangements.

I wish you all a really nice Summer!

New composition in the store

My first plan was to have all four movements of Guitar Pastime Suite complete and edited in late May or June, but somehow work got in the way and it is only now that I can publish the fourth movement, Juggling, here. It is available for purchase in the store from today. Part one and three are still under way and will be published here upon completion.

Me conducting Huddinge Big Band, with Peter Lissenko standing as soprano sax soloist, and Lars Jansson at the piano.

Other than that, I have corrected some small errors in various parts and scores, so my charts are as correct and uniform as possible at any time.

Here is also a picture of this Saturday’s concert at Huddinge Jazzfestival, where I’m conducting Huddinge Big Band featuring the great pianist Lars Jansson.

Big Band concert at Huddinge Jazz Festival

On Saturday May 20, Huddinge Big Band – under my rehearsal and conducting – will feature the great pianist Lars Jansson in his own compositions for Big Band. The concert starts off at 14:00 hrs.

The concert is part of Huddinge Jazz Festival; which is a two days event, Friday 19/5 and Saturday 20/5. This year’s program looks diverse and exciting. Check out more under this link:

Sacred Concert 2017-03-19

Huddinge Big Band will in cooperation with Markuskyrkans Kammarkör, perform Duke Ellington’s Sacred Concert at Kärrtorps Gymnasium on Sunday 2017-03-19 at 15:00.

My part in this is the rehearsing of the band, while Eva Karpe as leader of the choir is the overall conductor at the concert. Ulla-Carin Börjesdotter will appear as the vocal soloist.


January 2017

I wish all of you visiting my web page a Happy New Year!

After the holidays, and a really tough and persistent cold confining me to bed for almost two weeks, composing is underway on the next part of “Guitar Pastime Suite”. Since composing can be unpredictable to its nature, I commenced work on what I thought would be the third movement of the suite – but after viewing the form draft and the melodic development over the form, I came to the conclusion that I had started to compose a fourth movement. Hence the suite “Guitar Pastime Suite” will have four movements, of which the second “Tic Tac Toe” is finished, and the fourth “Juggling” now is under way. All parts of the suite will be published here upon completion.

Here in Sweden the first days of Jaunary are often grey and murky, until weather turns cold, clear and crisp in mid month, and these last days have been no exception. Then a composer has to do what he can to make his working place cosy and inspiring. My attempt at this consists of two lit candles and a large mug of hot tea.

I wish you all a good and creative 2017!

New composition available

ttt-thumbFrom today the new composition “Tic Tac Toe” will be available in the shop. Since there also is a Mid-winter Sale going on, its launch will be at a reduced price. The composition is so recently finished and edited it has not been thoroughly band-tested yet, but every part of this song is in full playing order and will bring both challenges and attention to the featured guitarists lucky enough to be backed up by a Big Band.

This piece is the second part of a planned suite of (maybe) four movements named “Guitar Pastime Suite” that will feature two guitar soloists. Composing of the third movement is to be started in ernest, and the whole suite is intended to be complete sometime during spring 2017. The coming work will show the direction this suite takes, and if there will be three or four movements to it.

Mid-winter Sale

Throughout the whole of December prices in the shop will be reduced!

20% discount on all compositions.kundvagn-liten

15% discount on all arrangements.

Take the opportunity to buy some unique charts as a Christmas gift or for the upcoming spring concert season!

Buy three, for the cost of two

I have bundled the Suite “Existential Suite In Three Movements” so the whole suite now can be bought together as one purchase. The price is also reduced, so that the first movement comes

Work with translating the lyrics to English is underway, but it is not nearly as easy as I thought and it might take a while until I have an English version which is singable and meaningful the same way it is in Swedish.

First month of autumn

autumn-smallThough summer weather still lingers on well into this September here in Sweden, the summer sale for this year ended together with August. I am planning on having a Christmas sale, and I will publish dates for that in good time.

Other than that, work on the new composition ” Tic Tac Toe” is progressing. Even if it is supposed to be the mid part of a three piece suite featuring two guitarists, it can be performed as a stand-alone piece and it will be available in the web shop as soon as it is finished and edited.