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If you are looking for professional, high quality Big Band charts that are different from the regular stuff – both in sound and form – you have come to the right place. In the Web Shop you find information about the various charts, view extracts and listen to recordings of many of them. If you want to buy any chart, payment is easily made through PayPal or Stripe and you download your purchase directly. Please note that all prices in the Shop include VAT.

My writing is deeply rooted in the jazz traditions, combined with my personal touch and voice.

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Summer time, summer sale

Now, summer has firmly established itself here in Sweden; with sudden, intense showers, towering afternoon thunderclouds, blindingly blue skies and heatwaves. Equally established, but without all these traits, is this year’s Summer Sale – by now into its fourth week. Take the opportunity to buy great big band charts at reduced prices until the end of August! The discounts are 30% off on all compositions, and 25% off on all arrangements.

I will, on my part, have one more week of light work before I take a much needed vacation and I wish all of you visiting here a really nice summer (or winter if you live “down under”) and may you all have great vacations whenever they come!

In the Month of Maying

As it is said in the Renaissance ballet: Now is the month of maying! The time when Spring matures into adolescence while the world is still light green, leaves and straw still look newborn, and the ferns have those small, curled chameleon-tail rolls slowly unfolding into a waist-high foliage. The old Swedish verb “maja” actually means to decorate or adorn something with leaves or greenery, and this is surely true of the month of May – the world gets dressed in greenery. I wish you all visiting here a really nice month of May, and that your summer (or winter depending on where you are, of course!) will be rewarding and relaxing.

Aside from the regular work of performing and conducting, I have also begun composing a new piece for big band, and the completed chart will of course be published here. A movement in a four-part suite about the annual seasons for big band a a female vocalist, this new piece will concern the days immediately after New Year’s eve, when the new year seems fresh and empty of content, and the view of the oncoming year still is unclouded and filled with – sometimes vague and half conscious – hopes, wishes and expectations.

As every year, there will be a Summer Sale. The discounts will be 25% off on all arrangments, and 30% off on all compositions. For what you will get in music and playing for your band, there will between June 1st and August 31st be great prices on great charts. Music that will truly get your band playing and the attention of audiences!

Standard Story on May the 5:th!

This coming Sunday, May 5th, I once again will have the honour and joy of leading the fantastic Immanuel Big Band in concert! This time, they will perform the concert program “Standard Story”; the telling of a love story through arranged and narrated arrangements of jazz standards. The fantastic and soulful Viktoria Glans will be the vocalist illustrating the events; filling the songs with meaning and emotions throughout the unfolding of the story.

The concert will be held at Immanuelskyrkan, Kungstensgatan 17 in Stockholm. Start time is 19:00 hrs and concert length is just above one hour. Free admission!

Ten of the arrangements in the story will be performed, all of which are available in the web shop:

  1. Days of Wine and Roses
  2. Like Someone In Love
  3. My Shining Hour
  4. I Thought About You
  5. If I Were a Bell
  6. Do Nothing ’til You Hear From Me
  7. This Masquerade
  8. Here’s That Rainy Day
  9. It Could Happen to You
  10. Don’t Get Around Much Anymore

Very, Welcome!

New composition in the shop

My latest composition, titled “Ghost In the Rain”, is now available in the web shop. Based on Japanese modes and scales and with lyrics of mine that concern grief and mental unhealth, this piece is a ballad for a male and female vocalist duet. Compared to the chart completed before, this composing process was more drawn out and complex, but also personally very rewarding. Partly because the tonality and complexity of the piece were more challenging and demanded more processing work, but partly because I also have had a period of much other work, splitting my focus and the periods of concentrated writing. I do not claim to have any deeper knowledge of Japanese traditional music, but my aspiration is to merge and synthezise what I percieve is characteristic of Japanese music, and culture, with my own cultural context and environment, into something that is a fruitful and meaningful combination. I, myself, am pleased with the outcome, and I hope that others can find meaning, content and enjoyable music in this chart.

Concert dates!

On Saturday April 20:th at 20:30 hrs at Immanuelskyrkan, the eminent Immanuel Big Band with the equally fantastic Viktoria Glans, will perform a five piece concert of about thirty minutes entirely with my music and lyrics, as a part of the event Kulturnatten at Immanuelskyrkan. The concert is free of admission and will include two instrumental and three vocal pieces, all available here in the web shop:

Click the picture above to see the whole city wide program for Kulturnatten.

Other than that: Sunday May 5:th has been set as the date when Immanuel Big Band will perform the concert program of my arrangements of jazz standards, titled “Standard Story”. A concert telling about a love story from the beginning to the end, and a bit thereafter, by the arrangements, and arranging, of jazz standards and their lyrics to form a narrative. More information will be published closer to concert date.

To all visiting here, I hope that your oncoming April will be a great month – with a nice spring coming on for us on the Northern Hemisphere! If you can make it to any, or both of the coming concerts: A warm Welcome!

Concerts Coming Up

Once again, the eminent Immanuel Big Band is doing me the honour of performing my music in not one, but two events coming up this spring. The first is on Saturday the 20:th of April, when they will perform five compositions of mine at a short concert as a part of the Stockholm-wide event “Kulturnatten”, while the second will be the concert “Standard Story” in May but where the date is not set with hundred percent certainty. On both occasions, the fantastic vocalist Viktoria Glans will give voice and soul to the lyrics. More information about these two events will subsequently be posted closer to the dates.

Furthermore, on April 27:th at 16:00 I will have the great honour of conducting the wind orchestra EMP Orkester in their 70:th anniversary celebration concert at Teater Reflexen in Kärrtorp. They will perform a two set concert, and there will be some celebratory mingling and socializing both before, during and after. For more information and tickets: Kulturbiljetter.

Other than this, composing continues and work on a male and female vocal duet, titled “Ghost In the Rain”, is coming to completion and the chart will – of course – be published here when finished and edited.

I wish all of you visiting here a really nice and fine February and that you have warmth, company and comfort, in this on the northern hemisphere usually coldest month of the year.

Five Piece Release

The five tracks we cut with my big band project Big Engband on August 10 2023, are since January 18 finally available for public listening; ostensibly as the EP “Black Cat Blues” from the title track. On streaming platforms such as Spotify or Apple Play, you can now search for “Big Engband” to find the music, and the band as a registered artist. You can also follow this link: Big Engband on Spotify.

I’m excited about finally having some of my big band music publicly accessible, and I hope that you visiting here will look it up and like what you hear.

The reference to a black cat, is about the old folklore of cats being mysterious animals and especially regarding black cats as incarnations of evil and malicious spirits and, sometimes, as a manifestation of the Devil. Fortunately these misconceptions have changed and though I myself love cats, I’m unfortunately allergic to them.

New Composition In the Shop

From today, my latest composition “Mephisto Blues” is available for purchase in the web shop. The composing of this piece was swift and inspired, and I’m very pleased with this chart. Because the December Sale is under way, this new chart is published with the same price reduction of 30% as all the other compositions.

Many (really many, many) years ago, some friends and I saw the movie “The Devil’s Advocate” (the one with Keanu Reeves and Al Pacino). The film made us discussing why there are so many myths about equilibristic musicians (such as Paganini), and espescially blues musicians (Robert Johnson and Jimmy Page, come to mind), making pacts with the DeviI. From that I began to speculate about if the Devil would recognise the concept of blues and what that blues would be – and sound – like.

These speculations coincided with me reading Goethe, and I got inspired to compose a piece that has the twelwe bar form of a blues, with significant chord changes at the second, fifth and ninth bars, but as it is said that the Devil is a deciever and falsifier I worked out a very undefined tonality and ambiguous modality for the song – so one would recognise the ingredients of the blues, but be confused and misled. I performed this song with many small jazz groups, for many years.

Now, I have turned this song into a Big Band arrangement featuring the two lowest saxophones, Tenor sax 2 and the Baritone sax. I really hope I have been able to portray the eerie mood that such a sinister entity as the Devil evokes, without making the song depressing.

Finally: The December Sale is under way! Take the opportunity to buy great charts at favorable, reduced prices – 30% off on all compositions, and 25% off on all arrangements. All to give your band a fresh injection to the repertoire for the spring season’s rehearsals.

The December Sale is under way (problems probably solved)

After some adjusting of the individual product settings and resetting the prices, it seems like I have made the December Sale work. I hope that the sale prices will be consistent throughout the check-out and purchase process, but if there is even the slightest problem with the product setting and the pricings – contact me immediately at: “contact(at)danieleng(dot)com”.

Over the coming days, I will perform some tests and try-outs with the site and the products, to ensure that everything works and shows as intended, and further progress or setbacks will be reported for your information.

Faulty December Sale (work is underway)!

Today, Friday December 1:st, should be the start of the December Sale for 2023, instead it seems that something isn’t working correctly. The listed prices do not show any reductions…… What the prices actually will be – and what will be shown – upon checkout, I have not been able to test yet.

Exactly what has happened is not yet clear, but I am looking into it, this far without any significant progress, nor success. Most likely, this malfunction stems from a failed upgrade of my site’s WooCommerce plugin, and the only thing to do then, is wait for a developer-corrected version.

In the meantime, I wish everybody visiting here a really nice and good start of December!