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If you are looking for professional, high quality Big Band charts that are different from the regular stuff – both in sound and form – you have come to the right place. In the Web Shop you find information about the various charts, view extracts and listen to recordings of many of them. If you want to buy any chart, payment is easily made through PayPal or Stripe and you download your purchase directly. Please note that all prices in the Shop include VAT.

My writing is deeply rooted in the jazz traditions, combined with my personal touch and voice.

If you have any questions, a contact form can be found under the header or in this link: “contact”.

Concert dates!

On Saturday April 20:th at 20:30 hrs at Immanuelskyrkan, the eminent Immanuel Big Band with the equally fantastic Viktoria Glans, will perform a five piece concert of about thirty minutes entirely with my music and lyrics, as a part of the event Kulturnatten at Immanuelskyrkan. The concert is free of admission and will include two instrumental and three vocal pieces, all available here in the web shop:

Click the picture above to see the whole city wide program for Kulturnatten.

Other than that: Sunday May 5:th has been set as the date when Immanuel Big Band will perform the concert program of my arrangements of jazz standards, titled “Standard Story”. A concert telling about a love story from the beginning to the end, and a bit thereafter, by the arrangements, and arranging, of jazz standards and their lyrics to form a narrative. More information will be published closer to concert date.

To all visiting here, I hope that your oncoming April will be a great month – with a nice spring coming on for us on the Northern Hemisphere! If you can make it to any, or both of the coming concerts: A warm Welcome!

Concerts Coming Up

Once again, the eminent Immanuel Big Band is doing me the honour of performing my music in not one, but two events coming up this spring. The first is on Saturday the 20:th of April, when they will perform five compositions of mine at a short concert as a part of the Stockholm-wide event “Kulturnatten”, while the second will be the concert “Standard Story” in May but where the date is not set with hundred percent certainty. On both occasions, the fantastic vocalist Viktoria Glans will give voice and soul to the lyrics. More information about these two events will subsequently be posted closer to the dates.

Furthermore, on April 27:th at 16:00 I will have the great honour of conducting the wind orchestra EMP Orkester in their 70:th anniversary celebration concert at Teater Reflexen in Kärrtorp. They will perform a two set concert, and there will be some celebratory mingling and socializing both before, during and after. For more information and tickets: Kulturbiljetter.

Other than this, composing continues and work on a male and female vocal duet, titled “Ghost In the Rain”, is coming to completion and the chart will – of course – be published here when finished and edited.

I wish all of you visiting here a really nice and fine February and that you have warmth, company and comfort, in this on the northern hemisphere usually coldest month of the year.

Five Piece Release

The five tracks we cut with my big band project Big Engband on August 10 2023, is since January 18 finally available for public listening; ostensibly as the EP “Black Cat Blues” from the title track. On streaming platforms such as Spotify or Apple Play, you can now search for “Big Engband” to find the music, and the band as a registered artist. You can also follow this link: Big Engband on Spotify.

I’m excited about finally having some of my big band music publicly accessible, and I hope that you visiting here will look it up and like what you hear.

The reference to a black cat, is about the old folklore of cats being mysterious animals and especially regarding black cats as incarnations of evil and malicious spirits and, sometimes, as a manifestation of the Devil. Fortunately these misconceptions have changed and though I myself love cats, I’m unfortunately allergic to them.

New Composition In the Shop

From today, my latest composition “Mephisto Blues” is available for purchase in the web shop. The composing of this piece was swift and inspired, and I’m very pleased with this chart. Because the December Sale is under way, this new chart is published with the same price reduction of 30% as all the other compositions.

Many (really many, many) years ago, some friends and I saw the movie “The Devil’s Advocate” (the one with Keanu Reeves and Al Pacino). The film made us discussing why there are so many myths about equilibristic musicians (such as Paganini), and espescially blues musicians (Robert Johnson and Jimmy Page, come to mind), making pacts with the DeviI. From that I began to speculate about if the Devil would recognise the concept of blues and what that blues would be – and sound – like.

These speculations coincided with me reading Goethe, and I got inspired to compose a piece that has the twelwe bar form of a blues, with significant chord changes at the second, fifth and ninth bars, but as it is said that the Devil is a deciever and falsifier I worked out a very undefined tonality and ambiguous modality for the song – so one would recognise the ingredients of the blues, but be confused and misled. I performed this song with many small jazz groups, for many years.

Now, I have turned this song into a Big Band arrangement featuring the two lowest saxophones, Tenor sax 2 and the Baritone sax. I really hope I have been able to portray the eerie mood that such a sinister entity as the Devil evokes, without making the song depressing.

Finally: The December Sale is under way! Take the opportunity to buy great charts at favorable, reduced prices – 30% off on all compositions, and 25% off on all arrangements. All to give your band a fresh injection to the repertoire for the spring season’s rehearsals.

The December Sale is under way (problems probably solved)

After some adjusting of the individual product settings and resetting the prices, it seems like I have made the December Sale work. I hope that the sale prices will be consistent throughout the check-out and purchase process, but if there is even the slightest problem with the product setting and the pricings – contact me immediately at: “contact(at)danieleng(dot)com”.

Over the coming days, I will perform some tests and try-outs with the site and the products, to ensure that everything works and shows as intended, and further progress or setbacks will be reported for your information.

Faulty December Sale (work is underway)!

Today, Friday December 1:st, should be the start of the December Sale for 2023, instead it seems that something isn’t working correctly. The listed prices do not show any reductions…… What the prices actually will be – and what will be shown – upon checkout, I have not been able to test yet.

Exactly what has happened is not yet clear, but I am looking into it, this far without any significant progress, nor success. Most likely, this malfunction stems from a failed upgrade of my site’s WooCommerce plugin, and the only thing to do then, is wait for a developer-corrected version.

In the meantime, I wish everybody visiting here a really nice and good start of December!

New Composition In the Shop

My latest composition, a really fast swing piece for a female vocalist titled City Bird, is from today available for purchase in the shop. The lyrics is written by me, and concerns persons that are both nice and at the same time condescending and arrogant, and their effects on, and eventual resemblance of, oneself. A part of the Japanese themed concert content I’m working on, the term City Bird refers to an old metaphor of a certain species of gull, but is here also connected to urbanized people, their views of the World and how they interact with those who do not live in a big city.

There will also be a December Sale, here in The Shop. Between December 1:st and 31:st prices will be reduced by 30% on all compositions, and 25% on all arrangements. Take the opportunity to buy stimulating and energizing charts, that are both fun to play and listening to, for your Big Band – to get an injection of energy to your band when the spring rehearsing semester starts anew in January.

Full program: Funk, Jazz and Folk

Last Sunday, October 15th, the eminent Immanuel Big Band once again gave me the joy of performing my music. In an extensive two-set program under my conducting, the band teamed up with the fantastic vocalist Viktoria Glans and the previously introduced, equally nice Anders Bergman, to perform both instrumental and vocal music – in genres from jazz to funk and folk – entirely of my production. In front of a large audience the band and Viktoria premiered three songs from my pen: “Good Morning” to Me, “Childhood Friends” and “Floating Head”, all were premiered with excellence, precision and energy. Anders Bergman joined in the second set, to help end the concert in the duet “The Terrible Absence of You”, which showed how well both the vocalist’s voices matched and complemented each other in the most natural way.

The rehearsal period was short; intense and sweaty, but the band pulled through and performed on top, with focus and skill, and the total is an energizing and creativity-boosting experience for me – and hopefully for the band too. Though nothing is planned, I already look forward to doing a new project with them.

A heartfelt and sincere Thank You! to the band, Viktoria and Anders, for a great performance and a really enjoyable project time!

Other than the above, the post production of the tracks that Big Engband cut in August is under way. With the mixing and add-ons almost done, mastering will be scheduled, and after that five tracks from my pen in a constellation of Big Engband, will be published for public access and listening. Preparations for The Winter Sale are also in the works, with the annual December reduction of prices coming up as usual. Finally, a new composition for Big Band and female vocalist, titled “City Bird”, will also be published here soon. More information about all this, will subsequently be published here.

As you can see, there is a lot going on and I hope this will keep me warm and moderately busy during the now seriously onsetting Autumn. I wish you all visiting here to stay warm and cosy during these dark Autumnal evenings, and that we all (on the northern Hemisphere) will get a nice winter to embed us until spring.

Concert coming up

This coming Sunday, October 15th, I will be conducting and presenting the eminent Immanuel Big Band in a two-set concert entirely of my music, with the great Victoria Glans as vocalist. She will be joined in a couple of songs by the previously introduced, splendid vocalist Anders Bergman.

The band and I have been rehearsing together avidly and diligently for quite some time now, and this concert will mark the end of a very fun and rewarding project that I will think back on fondly.

The concert will be held at Immanuelskyrkan, Kungstensgatan 17, Stockholm. Concert start is 16:00 hrs in two sets of about 40 minutes each. Free admission.

Very Welcome!

Corrections in the free chart “Good Morning to Me”

Just the other day I noticed that there was a mistake made in the edited notation of the promotional score “Good Morning to Me”. In the score and in the Tenor sax 2 part, there is a flat symbol missing in the outro of the song. The correction is that Tenor sax 2 through bars 106-112 should play a notated Eb (sounding Db and written as such in the Concert Key score).

This notation error is now promptly corrected, and the adjusted chart is now available. See the corrections below: