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If you are looking for professional, high quality Big Band charts that are different from the regular stuff – both in sound and form – you have come to the right place. In the Web Shop you find information about the various charts, view extracts and listen to recordings of many of them. If you want to buy any chart, payment is easily made through PayPal or Stripe and you download your purchase directly. Please note that all prices in the Shop include VAT.

My writing is deeply rooted in the jazz traditions, combined with my personal touch and voice.

If you have any questions, a contact form can be found under the header or in this link: “contact”.

Summe Sale 2023

The Summer Sale of 2023 is coming up; between June 1:st and August 31:st. Because of the financially shaky times, I’ve for the forseeable future decided to stick with the the reduction rates of 30% off on all compositions, and 25% off on all arrangements.

Take the opportunity to buy exciting, well sounding and fun to play charts at reduced prices; to have some invigorating additions to your band’s repertoire, when rehearsals start again after the Summer vacations.

Four really recommended charts are: “Days of Wine and Roses”, if you are looking for a sparkling and fresh set- or concert-opener; “This Masquerade”, for an expressive and interesting bossa for your female vocalist, possibly in a dance set; “A Foggy Day”, for a contrast-rich, fun to play and lively feature for the band’s male vocalist and second trombonist (also possibly in a dance set); and “Clear Sky” if you want a sweet sounding, very convenient odd meter concert chart, with some fun ensemble parts and nice solo features, that is easy enough to be within reach with some focused rehearsing.

Check them out or contact me for more information: contact”at”danieleng”dot”com!

……and then, of course, you are always welcome to the “Charts For Free” section, where you can download charts for free, promotional use!

I wish all of you visiting here a really nice ending of the Spring season, and a great start of the Summer!

Some were premiered

Last Saturday, the 22/4, the eminent Immanuel Big Band held a short concert of five songs entirely with my music, at Immanuelskyrkan, Stockholm. The concert was held as a part of the city-wide communal event “Kulturnatten”. In a five piece program with two instumental songs, the great vocalist Anders Bergman premiered three songs publicly for the first time.

The band performed on top, with great spirit and interpretation, flavoured by very nice and inspired solistic appearances, while Anders filled the songs and the lyrics with meaning and soul. I’d like to say a warm, heartfelt Thank You! to everyone involved for a very nice and joyful experience.

The three songs premiered were: “Black Cat Blues”, “No Quick Fix For Crying” and “Laughing Pearl”.

I wish all of you visiting here a really nice April ending, and that May will be a lovely bridge between Spring and Summer.

Some premieres

On Saturday April 22 starting at 20:30, the eminent Immanuel Big Band will hold a short concert entirely with my music, as an event within “Kulturnatten” in Stockholm. In a thirty minutes concert, they will perform five of my pieces for big band, including three premiering songs – “Black Cat Blues”, “No Quick Fix For Crying” and “Laughing Pearl” – all with the great vocalist Anders Bergman.

The program will be mostly focused on funk and fusion style big band music, and is as follows:

“Every Now and Then”
“Black Cat Blues”
“No Quick Fix For Crying”
“Quirky Quantum Quarks”
“Laughing Pearl”

Very welcome to a short, energizing and grooving concert at Immanuelskyrkan, Kungstensgatan 17 Stockholm, on April 22 at 20:30. Free admission!

Events of Yesterday

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of conducting Huddinge Big Band (picture above) once again performing the full repertoire from the magnificent Diane Schuur & the Count Basie Orchestra record from 1987. This time with a new vocalist, the eminent Camilla Widell, whom performed with dash, skills and feeling well fitting for the songs. The concert, which was held at Scandic Bredden with the production of Bio Sober, drew a large, enthusiastic, and interested audience, made the band play its best and the whole performance a joy and an energizing experience.

A great Thank You to the band for taking on the repertoire and doing it so well, to Camilla for a great performance and show, and to all the friendly and interested people who came to listen.

More events are coming up, and I hope some of you visiting here can come and listen sometime. I’ll notify about those in due time.

Upcoming Projects

The December holidays and the ditto sale are since long over, and now we all are into those long toiling weeks of work, with no longer holidays – in Sweden, at least – until spring break and Easter holidays far later – when winter has turned into Spring. Also: This winter – again: at least in Sweden – being unusually warm, rainy and murky without any real change in sight, doesn’t help making this period any easier.

With those prospects, I find it encouraging and energizing to have fun things to look forward to, and one such thing is that Huddinge Big Band will hold a following-up concert of the Diane Schuur-project they performed in June last year. The concert will be held at Scandic Bredden in collaboration with the cultural association Bio Sober on Sunday February 19th. More info on that event will be published later.

Another such thing to look forward to, is a just started collaboration with the eminent (and very nice) orchestra Immanuel Big Band, which supposedly will result in the performing of my music later this spring. More information will be published here later.

The third thing to look forward to, is the composing of new Big Band music, which has begun again in earnest after a break during the Holidays. The composing for the Japanese-influenced project is proceeding both with writing lyrics – about the earlier mentioned Nué – and composing music to already completed lyrics – about persons with dubious personalities in a song titled “City Bird” for a female vocalist. Six songs for the project are already finished, and another two are on the piano composing-stand, and it’s an energizing feeling to see everything coming nicely into finished songs and arrangements. All those compositions will be published here upon completion.

I wish and hope that you all visiting here can find your own things that give you energy, strength and good prospects to endure these weeks without any real long weekends or holidays – at least for us in Sweden. Until spring really sets in to make everything a little brighter and lighter, and the more substantial holidays coming up later can give rest and recuperation.

New Composition and December Sale

So busy have I been this December, that I almost forgot to set up for the December Sale. Now, I got the sale up and running on December 1:st but it got an unannounced start this year, so more than two weeks in I now, finally, state: The December Sale is on between the 1:st and 31:st! Take the opportunity to buy great big band charts at 30% discount on all compositions, and 25% on all arrangements.

There is also a new composition in the web shop, a piece influenced by Japanese modes and scales titled “Childhood Friends”; a slightly melancholic contemplation about seeing how the emergence of the traits and characteristics we all develop as we grow up affect friendships that were founded in childhood and youth. This chart is published at reduced price.

The concert “Standard Story”, that Huddinge Big Band performed the 26:th of November, was a really fun and successful project! The band and Anna Häll, the vocalist, really stood up to the task, the concert was well attended and the whole project was a great preparation for the subsequent “Christmas Cantata” concerts – as well as an over all fun and inspiring undertaking. I think the picture from that concert provided here, shows how elegant and spectacular a well set up big band can be – alas with this picture not showing the eminent vocalist Anna Häll.

I wish all you visiting here a great and happy December! May you all look forward to the upcoming holidays with joy and happiness – despite these perilous times.

Close to Concert

After an intensive, inspiring and invigorating rehearsal period (from which this photo above is taken), Huddinge Big Band featuring Anna Häll as vocalist will perform the concert “Standard Story” under my conducting at Huddinge Gymnasium’s assembly hall this coming Wednesday, the 16/11. Doors open at 19:00 hrs, and concert start is 19:30. Admission is 100:- with free entrance for those of age fifteen and under.

There will also be coffee and some homemade pastries for sale in the foyer.

Concert length is just above one hour.

Very, very WELCOME!

Standard Story

On November 16th, Huddinge Big Band will hold the concert “Standard Story”, which means they will perform arrangements I have made from jazz standards and put toghether to tell a love story. Many of these arrangements were originally made for my college graduation concert, to which I chose my favourite jazz standards and arranged them in a way that together with a narrating presentation, they would tell a love story – from beginning to end, and a bit thereafter. The original concert was held at the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm (at the “Lilla Salen” hall) in January 2001 and consisted of eight arrangements, but in the years following I completed the concert repertoire with another three, to finalize it to the planned eleven songs.

Now; Huddinge Big Band will perform ten of these arrangements in the story, with the eminent vocalist Anna Häll aiding in the storytelling, and with me as rehearser, conductor and presenting narrator.

Place: The Aula of Huddinge Gymnasium (entrance from the school square)
Day: Wednesday 16/11
Time: 19:30
Admission: 100:- Free admission for kids under the age of 15!
Coffee, tea and home baked pastry will be for sale from 19:00.



The arrangements that constitute the concert are all for sale here, and in concert order they are:
Days of Wine and Roses
Like Someone In Love
My Shining Hour
I Thought About You
If I Were a Bell
Do Nothing ’til You Hear From Me
This Masquerade
Here’s That Rainy Day
Don’t Get Around Much Anymore
It Could Happen To You


Month number nine

Entering September, I can state that this year’s Summer Sale ended with August. As usual, I continue to play, compose, and work. There are some fun projects coming up, and I will post more information about those as they approach.

The main writing issue for now is my “Yokai” project, which comes along very well, with a lot of fun and inspiration. Lyrics are being written, music is being composed to those texts, and along with a completed, brooding lyrics about lost friendships, I now draft a text about the mysterious and quite sinister yokai, the Nue. A creature which – as far as I understand it – has the body of a tiger-pawed horse, a monkey’s head and a snake for tail (see the picture to the right). It apparently inhabits the sky and seems to be hostile to humans. The resulting compositions will be published here upon completion.

I wish all of you northerners visiting here, a really nice start of the Autumn, while I wish all you from the southern hemisphere to enjoy an oncoming, beautiful spring. Wherever you are, though: Beware of Nue:s!

A Few Days Left….

…of the Summer Sale, that is!

The Summer Sale of this year, ends on August the 31:st. Take the opportunity to buy great charts at a great discount, to kickstart your band’s autumn rehearsals. 30% off on all compositions, and 25% off on all arrangements!

Please, also note that the contact form on the web page seems to be not working. Anyone trying to make contact should use “contact(at)danieleng(dot)com”. I’m trying to fix this really odd problem, but so far I haven’t been able to make it work properly; not even diagnosing the problem causing the malfunction.

In Sweden, we head for a general election on September 11:th, where we elect parliament, regional and municipal representatives. The campaigning from all parties has been feverish and quite unfocused, and it seems like the number of undecided voters – or voters deciding in the last moment, even right at the ballot box – is unusually large this year. We’ll see where it all ends up, hopefully it won’t take as long as after the election of 2018 to form a cabinet (it took 134 days….), but depending on what government we get in Sweden afterwards, there may be changes in the over all conditions for practitioners of cultural professions.