New arrangement in the shop

I laughed when I learned of the expression “buckle polisher” (a slow dance, maybe more at the end of the night) from an online friend some months ago, when I asked at an internet forum for new ideas on what to compose or arrange for Big Band. A term both self explanatory and a euphemism that the English vernacular is full of, and that I, as not having English as a native tongue, really enjoy to learn as deeper understanding of how a language is used to create meanings beyond the mere exchange of phrases.

Now I have arranged my version of what a “buckle polisher” could be: An arrangement for two featured trombone soloists of the song “But Beautiful”. Being a trombonist myself, I really should have written such a piece long ago, but I – obviously – needed someone from the outside to point me in that direction.

From today, this new arrangment is available in the web shop, and I sincerely hope that I have produced an arrangement that will be both rewarding for the band and the soloists, as well as for the dancing audience at the end of the night.

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