September ending

September seems to be a month in-between; it’s the month which can be very much autumn-like, but can also be warm, humid and strongly resembling a late August – not yet autumn, not still summer. In Sweden, this year’s September has been warm and humid, with trees still green and many plants still finding the strength to mount flowers. I’ve even seen bumblebees flying about; almost into October!

On my part, I’ve had to invest in a new double case for my alto and tenor trombones. I used my old case intensively and daily for some twelve years before it got so worn that it could no longer be in use, and now a new double case – pictured here – has entered my service. I hope it will be a good and long lasting investment.

Here in Sweden, some big bands have begun to cautiously rehearse again, and I sincerely hope that the infection spreading will slow down over the coming months, to make more regular rehearsing and performing possible; but – as has become customary this year – we’ll have to wait and see…… Nevertheless, I am working on some new charts that soon will be published here upon completion.

Stay safe everybody! I wish all of you visiting here good health, and that you remain so.

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