Close to Concert

After an intensive, inspiring and invigorating rehearsal period (from which this photo above is taken), Huddinge Big Band featuring Anna Häll as vocalist will perform the concert “Standard Story” under my conducting at Huddinge Gymnasium’s assembly hall this coming Wednesday, the 16/11. Doors open at 19:00 hrs, and concert start is 19:30. Admission is 100:- with free entrance for those of age fifteen and under.

There will also be coffee and some homemade pastries for sale in the foyer.

Concert length is just above one hour.

Very, very WELCOME!

Standard Story

On November 16th, Huddinge Big Band will hold the concert “Standard Story”, which means they will perform arrangements I have made from jazz standards and put toghether to tell a love story. Many of these arrangements were originally made for my college graduation concert, to which I chose my favourite jazz standards and arranged them in a way that together with a narrating presentation, they would tell a love story – from beginning to end, and a bit thereafter. The original concert was held at the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm (at the “Lilla Salen” hall) in January 2001 and consisted of eight arrangements, but in the years following I completed the concert repertoire with another three, to finalize it to the planned eleven songs.

Now; Huddinge Big Band will perform ten of these arrangements in the story, with the eminent vocalist Anna Häll aiding in the storytelling, and with me as rehearser, conductor and presenting narrator.

Place: The Aula of Huddinge Gymnasium (entrance from the school square)
Day: Wednesday 16/11
Time: 19:30
Admission: 100:- Free admission for kids under the age of 15!
Coffee, tea and home baked pastry will be for sale from 19:00.



The arrangements that constitute the concert are all for sale here, and in concert order they are:
Days of Wine and Roses
Like Someone In Love
My Shining Hour
I Thought About You
If I Were a Bell
Do Nothing ’til You Hear From Me
This Masquerade
Here’s That Rainy Day
Don’t Get Around Much Anymore
It Could Happen To You


Month number nine

Entering September, I can state that this year’s Summer Sale ended with August. As usual, I continue to play, compose, and work. There are some fun projects coming up, and I will post more information about those as they approach.

The main writing issue for now is my “Yokai” project, which comes along very well, with a lot of fun and inspiration. Lyrics are being written, music is being composed to those texts, and along with a completed, brooding lyrics about lost friendships, I now draft a text about the mysterious and quite sinister yokai, the Nue. A creature which – as far as I understand it – has the body of a tiger-pawed horse, a monkey’s head and a snake for tail (see the picture to the right). It apparently inhabits the sky and seems to be hostile to humans. The resulting compositions will be published here upon completion.

I wish all of you northerners visiting here, a really nice start of the Autumn, while I wish all you from the southern hemisphere to enjoy an oncoming, beautiful spring. Wherever you are, though: Beware of Nue:s!

A Few Days Left….

…of the Summer Sale, that is!

The Summer Sale of this year, ends on August the 31:st. Take the opportunity to buy great charts at a great discount, to kickstart your band’s autumn rehearsals. 30% off on all compositions, and 25% off on all arrangements!

Please, also note that the contact form on the web page seems to be not working. Anyone trying to make contact should use “contact(at)danieleng(dot)com”. I’m trying to fix this really odd problem, but so far I haven’t been able to make it work properly; not even diagnosing the problem causing the malfunction.

In Sweden, we head for a general election on September 11:th, where we elect parliament, regional and municipal representatives. The campaigning from all parties has been feverish and quite unfocused, and it seems like the number of undecided voters – or voters deciding in the last moment, even right at the ballot box – is unusually large this year. We’ll see where it all ends up, hopefully it won’t take as long as after the election of 2018 to form a cabinet (it took 134 days….), but depending on what government we get in Sweden afterwards, there may be changes in the over all conditions for practitioners of cultural professions.

New composition in the Shop

It’s unfortunate and sad, but sometimes creative inspiration comes from bad and horrible events and phenomenons, as is the case with this latest addition to the web shop, the composition “Black Cat Blues”, which from today is available (at a discount from the start).

This new piece is a thirteen bar blues with lyrics, written by me, portraying the gloominess and fear coming from witnessing abuse, exploitation and soiling of innocence, youth, beauty, peacefulness and openness. Naming some of the means used to make these encroachments possible, and hints at what befalls those who pursue these things.

The actual composition itself was ultimately prompted by the cowardly Russian assault on Ukraine on February 24:th, but bits and pieces of the lyrics had continuously been coming together over the years seeing the reprehensible and detestable lives and customs of people like Jeffrey Epstein, Prince Andrew and Ghislaine Maxwell (among far too many others), who used power, monetary wealth, social standing and networks of similarly inclined low-lifes to exploit both people and resources to promote their perverted and sleazy life styles. People whom use their resourceful personas only to amass wealth enough to enable them to take out their perversions and whims on all and everything.

To express my contempt and derision of people like that, I put together the lyrics and composed this blues in an attempt to show that evil is prevalent among seemingly highly socialised but powerful people, and that too many let the strife for wealth and power dull or outright kill their intellectual, mental and empathical abilities. Only to leave them as preying ghouls, whom think it’s in their rights to invade, abuse the young (mostly women and girls), kill displeasing persons, overly consume environmental resources or just take their whims out on others, no matter what.

The Summer Sale is on until August 31:st. Take the opportunity to buy exciting Big Band charts at a discount. 30% off on all compositions, and 25% off on all arrangements.

I wish all of you visiting here, a really nice and relaxing Summer!

Vacation Time

Next week it’s due time for me to go on a much longed-for vacation. Doing some easy practising, ponder about new composing projects, read all the books on my reading-rooster and just relaxing, is what I need and want right now.

The Summer Sale is on until the 31:st of August! Take the opportunity to buy exciting and stimulating Big Band charts at reduced prices, to get your band a fresh start of the coming Autumn season.

My latest composition (of which the draft score is shown here), an ominous blues for a male vocalist inspired by both traditional Japanese and Western religious superstitions titled “Black Cat Blues”, will be published in the web shop at a reduced price during the sale, as soon as the score and parts are edited.

I wish all of you visiting here a really nice and relaxing summer!

A Concert In the Park

Wednesday June 8th at 19:00, Huddinge Big Band will hold a Diane Schuur tribute concert in Sjödalsparken at Huddinge centrum under my direction and conducting. The concert will be the entire repertoire from the famous 1987 recording of Diane backed up by The Count Basie Orchestra, which has been a huge influence and inspiration for me.

The concert is the result of me spending many years – and quite a lot of money – on chasing down all the eminent charts presented on that record, and when I finally could get hold of the last arrangements last year, I turned to HBB with a proposal of them reproducing the concert as celebration of an influential record and performance. For this concert, the eminent Anna Häll will be the vocalist.

The concert is open for everyone; there is no admittance. Click this link for more information: Park Activities Summer Program 2022, Huddinge.


There will also be a Summer Sale, starting on June 1st, during which prices on all arrangements will be reduced by 25% and all compositions by 30%. Take this opportunity to buy great and stimulating charts for your Big Band at reduced prices, to kickstart the (now still far off) Autumn rehearsals.

Happy Valborg!

I wish all of you visiting here A Happy Valborg (I just the other day learned that the English name is Walpurgis…)! I hope you all will have a nice and peaceful Saturday night, and that the lovely month of May brings spring to fulfilment before summer sets in. Maybe you feel like going to a public Valborg bonfire – like the one pictured to the right – event tonight?

After a hiatus due to some arranging and editing assignments, work is again under way on new compositions that subsequently will be published here. Until then, check out the web shop for the great sounding, exciting-to-play, and audience-friendly Big Band charts that already are out and for sale.

How can the unthinkable happen?

It continues to amaze and horrify me, that in social contexts too many people let those individuals with the worst behaviour determine and set the over all function and orientation of the group. It’s as if there is some kind of instinctive behaviour in us humans to excuse, shelter, explain and endure those persons that totally act without any social conduct and contexts – not to mention all those who seek to take personal advantage of the opportunities to act out of conventions, those dominating people create.

These thoughts have occured more frequently with me since the war in Ukraine broke out a little more than a month ago. How is it that the surrounding world over and over again, excuse, shelter, explain and endure – and thus accept – those persons who control their countries by murder, violence, oppression and repression and to that openly threat other people and countries? The simple answer would be: Because they have – or do – something we want to take advantage of; but I’m not sure this is the whole answer.

Maybe the answer to why the worst acting persons can set the overall orientation for a group, is because the Human as a species is by evolution and survivalism friendly, open minded to the overseeable group and automatically lazy – seeking the easiest way of sustenance. Maybe the normbreakers, the violent, the manipulative liars offer easily taken shortcuts to benefits and presumed development?

The unprovoked Russian attack on Ukraine is a crime, and to me a consequence of letting the worst acting person set the orientation for almost a whole world, for far too long. War only brings atrocities and suffering, and is the foremost breeding ground for the next generations of norm-breakers, violent liars and oppressors. Therefore it has to be stopped.

The best we others can do, we whom are not directly involved in world-wide politics and economics, to prevent the next war or the next oppressor, is to no longer quietly accept the worst acting, normbreaking, manipulating and threatening person in a social group we find ourselves in. Don’t let them set the agenda, nor the interactions, and shut them out if possible. From countless historical examples, those people never change from being accepted and taken in; they only change from setbacks, more often painful than not. It is our responsibility not to let forward the next Trump, Putin, Xi, Bolsonaro, Hitler and so on, already in the phase of their lives where they are private and inconsequential to the world.

Let’s help each other with that, and I believe we have come a long way in preventing the next criminal war against a free country.

New composition in the Shop

Less than a year ago, I worked for one of the worst bosses I’ve ever encountered in my life; an ignorant, prejudiced, complacent and conceited person that by all standards should have been working with simple, repetitive tasks instead of leading a workplace full of competent, ambitious people. This abomination of a leader sometimes felt like a curse to me, and my working place, and almost like a supernatural affliction that could be expelled by magical invocations and spells. To say that I was happy to get away from that place, is an understatement.

The frustration, irritation and fear provoked in me as an employee, made me associate this abomination of a boss to the Japanese supernatural haunting Nukekubi. A human-like creature that in fact is a kind of vampire, whose head detaches – mostly nightly – from the body to fly around attacking people; drinking blood and eating flesh.

Now; all these emotions and associations are condensed and canalized into the new composition “Floating Head” – that from today is available in the web shop. This new piece contains some Japanese modes and scales, as well as driving groove, easily recognizable funk flavour from the seventies, and some humour – despite its serious origins.