Laughing Pearl




Laughing Pearl

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Description: A medium disco-funk ballad for a male vocalist, this piece sets off with a somewhat classic intro, with soft horns building up a late-night romantic mood. The vocalist then sings two verses and bridges before taking on the first refrain, which ends in a tenor sax solo. After the solo, a soft ensemble paves the way for a part quoting the vocal melody that ultimately builds into an abruptly ending shout. The vocalist then reenters and sings one verse, bridge and a double refrain; all leading to a brief halt and an outro similar to the intro. The bass part is extensively notated, and demands a bassist who knows the funk. Notated key: Eb.
Soloist(s) or feature: Tenor sax 1.
Reed setting: 2 alto sax; 2 tenor sax; 1 baritone sax.
Rhythm section setting: Guitar, piano, preferably electric bass, drum set.
Lead Tp max range:
Male vocal range max & min: Max:  Min:
Notated tempo (bpm): 86-88
Approx. playing time: 5 min 25 sec
Difficulty (1 very easy to 10 very hard): 7