Days of Wine and Roses

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Days of Wine and Roses

Days of Wine and Roses

Description: Intended as an opener, this arrangement starts with quoting another famous opener intro. The main theme is presented, but changes key for a pick up to a solo section over a C-pedal. An interlude leads to a sax chorus over the chords of another well known standard, but gets back to the original tune by an ensemble ending. The main theme comes back canonic and the whole piece ends in a shout with a slightly surprising tail. Notated key F.
Soloist(s) or feature: Trumpet 2.
Reed setting: 1 soprano sax; 1 alto sax; 2 tenor sax; 1 Baritone sax.
Rhythm section setting: Piano; bass; drum set.
Lead Tp max range:  
Notated tempo (bpm): 160
Approx. playing time: 4 min 5 sec
Difficulty (1 very easy to 10 very hard): 7



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