Here’s That Rainy Day

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Here’s That Rainy Day

Heres That Rainy Day

Description: A slow and desperately sad ballad arrangement for female vocalist. A conducted intro with a frosty feel and many mutes in the brass section, leads in the singer accompanied by the bass. Subsequently piano and drums sneak in and the band fills out with some somber chords, before a slightly more hopeful ending. Notated key Eb.
Soloist(s) or feature: No notated soloist.
Reed setting: 2 alto sax; 2 tenor sax; 1 baritone sax.
Rhythm section setting: Piano, bass, drum set.
Lead Tp max range:
Female vocal range max & min: Max: Min:
Notated tempo (bpm): 55-60
Approx. playing time: 4 min
Difficulty (1 very easy to 10 very hard): 5



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