New composition in the shop

A late night in early March 2012, I was lying in bed at my country house having trouble sleeping. It was one of those cold, clear nights; when the temperature falls below freezing, and the ground is bare from snow all but for some spots and shadowy places. It was moonless, and my room was pitch black and totally silent; I was alone in the house.

Then, all of a sudden, a shrill shriek repeatedly pierced the night; a shout that both made me happy, and comforted me. It told me that there was someone out there keeping an eye on the premises, and whom had taken on the role as warden of the night. The vernal calls for territory of the Tawny Owl, somehow made me relax and tiredness swiftly came over me.

Before I fell asleep, I wrote down a short poem – of which I wasn’t fully aware when I woke up – about this nightly experience, and the point between wake and sleep. Now, this text is turned into lyrics in this short tonal poem that from today is available in the shop.

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