Existensiell Svit i tre satser



Title: Existensiell Svit i tre satser

(Existential Suite in three movements)

Movement 1: Sneglar Mot Mig


Movement 2: När Är


Movement 3: Kvällsbön


Buy all three movements of the suite “Existential Suite in three movements” as a bundle to a reduced price. In total the suite is around 9 minutes of music depending on solos and interpretation.

At the moment the suite is only available with Swedish lyrics, but work is underway with a translation to English. The product delivery mail will contain two links for downloading; one for the bundled scores, and one for all parts.

For information about the three movements – such as ranges, soloists etc – please see under each respective product.

  1. “Sneglar Mot Mig”
  2. “När Är”
  3. “Kvällsbön”



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