I Could Write A Book




I Could Write A Book

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Description: A concert arrangement featuring trumpet 4, this arrangement starts with two flutes, two clarinets and a tenor sax in the reed section together with muted bones and fluegelhorns. A short intro leads to the main theme presented by a harmon muted trumpet and the band over a Bb-pedal. After the theme follow a woodwind chorus over a C-pedal and a muted brass chorus over a D-pedal, which lead to a pick up and solo choruses with backgrounds over the ordinary chords – where the reeds switch to a regular sax setting. After the solo(s) comes a shout over a D-pedal, a sax chorus over a C-pedal, a muted brass chorus over a Bb-pedal and a closing eight bar sax tie-up over an A-pedal; thereafter comes the main theme in muted trumpet over regular, ordinary chords again, where the saxes also change back to the two flutes, two clarinets, tenor sax setting. A short outro quoting the intro ends the piece. Notated key Eb.
Soloist(s) or feature: Trumpet 4 and optional guitar and piano.
Reed setting: 2 alto sax alternating on flute; 2 tenor sax alternating on Bb clarinet; 1 baritone sax alternating on tenor sax.
Rhythm section setting: Guitar, piano; bass; drum set.
Lead Tp max range: G-klav 3-strukna E
Notated tempo (bpm): 184-186
Approx. playing time: From 4 min 30 sec depending on the number of soloists.
Difficulty (1 very easy to 10 very hard): 7



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