Going Home From Ghana





Going Home From Ghana

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Description: A medium samba in 4/4. An intro with band and drum exchanges, leads to a piano solo. After an interlude enters a trombone solo, which ends in a half tempo part that may be percieved in quarter time feel. The original tempo comes back in an ensemble chorus, that leads to the main theme that ends the piece. Notated key G-minor.
Soloist(s) or feature: Piano and Trombone 2.
Reed setting: 1 Soprano sax; 1 alto sax; 2 tenor sax; 1 Baritone sax.
Rhythm section setting: Electric guitar, piano; bass; drum set.
Lead Tp max range:
Notated tempo (bpm): Half note 118-122
Approx. playing time: 8 min 20 sec
Difficulty (1 very easy to 10 very hard): 7