Month number nine

Entering September, I can state that this year’s Summer Sale ended with August. As usual, I continue to play, compose, and work. There are some fun projects coming up, and I will post more information about those as they approach.

The main writing issue for now is my “Japanese” project, which comes along very well, with a lot of fun and inspiration. Lyrics are being written, music is being composed to those texts, and along with a completed, brooding lyrics about lost friendships, I now draft a text about a mysterious and quite sinister supernatural being, the Nue. A creature which – as far as I understand it – has the body of a tiger-pawed horse, a monkey’s head and a snake for tail (see the picture to the right). It apparently inhabits the sky and seems to be hostile to humans. The resulting compositions will be published here upon completion.

I wish all of you northerners visiting here, a really nice start of the Autumn, while I wish all you from the southern hemisphere to enjoy an oncoming, beautiful spring. Wherever you are, though: Beware of Nue:s!

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