The promises of July

July is a wonderful summer month – if you’re on the part of the planet that has summer in July, of course. To me, July brings a sense of maturity, hope and an interesting intermission between the everydays of the rest of the year; I get the feeling that July is the time to plan ahead, lay out ideas and to form wishes. Maybe all this is because July is a month for vacationing and relaxation, so that ideas and plans can be pondered and matured in calm and peace. Anyway: I firmly believe that activity must be paired with rest to be fruitful and useful; especially in the long run.

Right now, the Corona virus pandemy is putting a stop on much planning, many ideas and a lot of activity, and I hope that it will wane and vanish soon without many more having to suffer and die.

The summer sale is, with or without planning, under way. Take the opportunity to buy superbly sounding and excitingly playing Big Band charts at a discount. This year the abatement is larger than usual; 30% on all compositions, and 25% on all arrangements.

I wish all of you visiting here, a healthy and prosperous summer. Stay safe everybody!

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