The Unavoidable Subject

I’d rather post a picture of a cute animal, like a leaping fox, than of a virus; a tiny piece of DNA or RNA that science dispute whether it is a life form or not. Nevertheless: Here is a stylized picture of the Corona virus that currently infects people all over the world at a stunning rate, causing a crackdown on social events and gatherings.

It’s strange to think that viruses seem to be an inevitable product of how life on earth functions, and that viruses have had a profound part in the development of life on Earth, when they also can be the worst disease-inducing menace one can imagine. Some of the worst diseases imaginable are induced by viruses – like Ebola, Marburg Disease and Rabies – while our own cells long, long ago may have assimilated some ancient viruses that made it possible for our cells in the form of Mitochondrions to produce energy for our organisms (as far as I know some say that it might have been assimilated bacteria instead, and some argue it might have been viruses).

In the end, it seems as it is viruses that have come wrong that make us humans sick; that we have accidentally come into contact with a piece of genetic material where either we, or it should not be. This is what counts now: that we all are in the right places. Whether it be in quarantine because you avoid being infected, or for the risk of infecting someone; whether you are in need of hospital care, or at a job that is vital to society or at home being sick – I hope that you all are, or soon will be, at the right place for you, where care, healing and safety is for you.

Stay safe everybody, and I wish all of you visiting here all the best in this time of world wide peril.

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