Leap Year

2020 is a leap year. Thus, February will have 29 days and we will have a Summer Olympics in Tokyo in July and August, unless the outbreak of Covid-19 (the Corona virus) cripples the whole event.

Having a leap year brings even more to our societies than just a sports event and one extra day: sometimes it’s superstition or social traditions regarding the extra day, and for some it brings the problem of counting their birthdays if they’re born on the 29th of February. Regardless of all this, it is fun to know that leaping seems to be a common behaviour among very many species on earth for many different reasons: Fish leap, squids leap, humans leap, as well as this pictured, beautiful fox leaping for a vole or a mouse under the snow.

I wish all you visiting here a great Leap Year, and I want to remind you that you can leap to the “Charts for free” section of this web page, to have some nice charts leaping home to you for free use. The fourth, and final, free chart – which will be an instrumental arrangement of Jobim’s “Wave” – is under way, and will be published here upon completion.

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