New composition in the Shop

Less than a year ago, I worked for one of the worst bosses I’ve ever encountered in my life; an ignorant, prejudiced, complacent and conceited person that by all standards should have been working with simple, repetitive tasks instead of leading a workplace full of competent, ambitious people. This abomination of a leader sometimes felt like a curse to me, and my working place, and almost like a supernatural affliction that could be expelled by magical invocations and spells. To say that I was happy to get away from that place, is an understatement.

The frustration, irritation and fear provoked in me as an employee, made me associate this abomination of a boss to the Japanese supernatural haunting Nukekubi. A human-like creature that in fact is a kind of vampire, whose head detaches – mostly nightly – from the body to fly around attacking people; drinking blood and eating flesh.

Now; all these emotions and associations are condensed and canalized into the new composition “Floating Head” – that from today is available in the web shop. This new piece contains some Japanese modes and scales, as well as driving groove, easily recognizable funk flavour from the seventies, and some humour – despite its serious origins.

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