Shrouded Moon, The




The Shrouded Moon

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Description: A medium slow piece for male vocalist with lyrics by Daniel Eng, this tune is a lament over loving someone conceited in vain. With the lyrics inspired by Japanese folklore, the harmonics are based on Japanese scales and modes. The piece starts with a brief intro, ending with a fermat which works as a pick up to the ensuing baritone sax solo. After the solo comes a variation of the intro, followed by a modest shout passage that leads to a quieting down and the pickup of the vocalist who ultimately hands over the ending to the wind instruments. The trumpets are instructed to play Fluegelhorns throughout the piece. Notated key: Bb
Soloist(s) or feature: Baritone sax.
Reed setting: 2 Flutes; 1 Alto sax; 1 Tenor sax; 1 Baritone sax.
Rhythm section setting: Piano, guitar, bass, drum set.
Lead Tp max range: G-klav 2-strukna Bb
Male vocal range max & min: Max: Basklav 1-strukna F Min: Basklav Stora D
Notated tempo (bpm): ca. 80
Approx. playing time: Ca. 5 min
Difficulty (1 very easy to 10 very hard): 7



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