New composition under way

Now in the time of spring, and Easter holidays, I decided to start composing a new piece on a theme I often come back to: Japanese ghost stories. I am since long fascinated by Japanese ghosts and supernatural creatures and because they most likely will appear – and I assume also will be most powerful – when the full moon is just slightly cloud covered, the new composition’s name is “The Shrouded Moon”. If I’m not mistaken: In Japanese that phenomenon is called “Oborozuki-yo”.


The piece will be written for the traditional Big Band setting 5-4-4-4, and a male vocalist. The reed setting will be two flutes, alto, tenor and baritone, and as it seems from the progression so far the trumpets will play Fl├╝gelhorns throughout the piece. The lyrics is written by me, and I hope I can bring the alluring, strangely scaring apperance of a shrouded full moon to a comprehensive allegory of love in vain of an overworldly detached and conceited person.

I expect this new chart to be finished, edited and published here sometime in April.

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