January 2017

I wish all of you visiting my web page a Happy New Year!

After the holidays, and a really tough and persistent cold confining me to bed for almost two weeks, composing is underway on the next part of “Guitar Pastime Suite”. Since composing can be unpredictable to its nature, I commenced work on what I thought would be the third movement of the suite – but after viewing the form draft and the melodic development over the form, I came to the conclusion that I had started to compose a fourth movement. Hence the suite “Guitar Pastime Suite” will have four movements, of which the second “Tic Tac Toe” is finished, and the fourth “Juggling” now is under way. All parts of the suite will be published here upon completion.

Here in Sweden the first days of Jaunary are often grey and murky, until weather turns cold, clear and crisp in mid month, and these last days have been no exception. Then a composer has to do what he can to make his working place cosy and inspiring. My attempt at this consists of two lit candles and a large mug of hot tea.

I wish you all a good and creative 2017!

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