Happy “Valborg”

In the Nordic countries there is a tradition of burning large fires in the late spring, to usher in the arrival of summer. Where this tradition comes from, and how old it is, is unknown to me as I write … Continue reading

When Nights Get Longer

Today is the Automnal Equinox – after today, on the northern hemisphere the nights are longer than the days until December 21. In ancient times the apparent celestial movement of the sun was essential to people, and the various cycles … Continue reading

Extended Summer Sale

Today is – according to the calendar – the last day of the three summer months (on the northern hemisphere that is). By all accounts this would have meant that this year’s summer sale ends, but this is not the … Continue reading

Summer Sale 2017

At last, this year’s Summer Sale is under way. The delay is due to me having much to do, and many assignments coinciding. To compensate for this I have extended the sale dates until September 10. Take your chance to … Continue reading

Sacred Concert 2017-03-19

Huddinge Big Band will in cooperation with Markuskyrkans Kammark√∂r, perform Duke Ellington’s Sacred Concert at K√§rrtorps Gymnasium on Sunday 2017-03-19 at 15:00. My part in this is the rehearsing of the band, while Eva Karpe as leader of the choir … Continue reading